Maru Lopez

Contemporary Jewelry


The Story Begins

Long lost memories, a moment in time, a piece of a story........
your story, my story , our story
the instruments to record it for posterity..........

I Like Mine Raw

a study of gender, identity construction and meat...........

La Frontera

The first week of November 2012 I moved to San Diego. 17.5 miles from Mexico. These works are inspired by my new surroundings. By living so close to the border, by living in a world between countries, by living in a unique world. This city is full of colors and contradictions, it fuses the mexican with the american to become an amalgam of things without equal. . Colors, flavors and sounds . Racism, stereotypes and controls. Making San Diego a rich vibrant environment fill with a beautiful harshness that gives way to the softness and intensity of this medley. As I experience this new sounds, smells and sights the work I have being producing has become light and airy full of color and shine. Diffusing colors on delicate cloth full of shimmering metallics. It is the border i see as an outsider, it is the stereotypes and the commercial appropriation of this culture. It is how the city makes me feel, it is the moment I am in.

Shapes and Colors

Three years ago I began a playful search for work that would maintain traces of my previous bodies of work while regaining a freedom and joy that I had felt slip away. I had in my school years focused on recreating objects. Using metal to make sketches of everyday things, around which I created stories and personalities. As I embarked on a move and distanced myself from academic work I wanted to fuse characteristics of the bigger more unwearable pieces I had previously made with qualities of more traditional jewelry. Just before moving to California I started an experimentation of color, infusing pigments on to resin.These resin blocks I started shaping in to faux stones which I would set in to classically inspired brass shapes.This way creating a lighthearted take on familiar jewelry shapes.This search has evolved in to a more deliberate play on shapes and colors while still trying to keep that joy in the freedom of play.I now shape the resin in a lapidary machine , combining the resin with natural stones blurring the line between which is man made and which is natural.The stones I set in shapes that I directly sketch on metal trying to capture and maintain the qualities of unrestraint in a sketch.

Latest Work